Sunday, February 27, 2011

Debbie Hill Clinic

Had a great ride with Kisia at a clinic with dressage rider/trainer Debbie Hill. The clinic was only one day. I would have loved for a nice 3 day clinic with this trainer as she was very intuitive about just what Kisia needed to keep her relaxed & not bored. Anyone with a LBE knows how dangerous boredom can be! It's always a challenge for me to be interesting enough for Kisia. I warmed her up freestyle (on a long rein) prior to our ride playing with follow the rail, direct & indirect rein positions just letting her stretch & move but still trying to keep her a bit busy. For our ride with Debbie, she discussed Kisia's want to root or push into the reins with contact (Linda discussed this in her "game of contact" as typical of LBE's when they don't understand contact) & suggested that I be very soft & giving when she is quiet & accepting of the contact. Then really match her pressure when she goes high or low then back to soft as soon as she accepts the contact. She had us make lots of transitions & incorporate patterns like serpentine, circles, side-pass down the quarter line to the side taking as much time as needed to get there & spiraling circles. Was a wonderful ride. I'd definitely recommend riding with this lovely trainer & hope to get to do so myself again soon!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Snowhorses: Instrumental Music From Film & Documentary Composer Simon Wi...

Composer Simon Wilkinson enjoyed Randy's video "Discovery" so much that he asked if he could use some of the footage to showcase his composition "Snow Horses". What a nice compliment for Randy to be appreciated by another artist & of course I love seeing my horses to any music! To hear more of Simon's music & see a higher quality version of the lovely footage of our gang enjoying a rare snow in North Mississipp, visit

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day Video

"Discovery" from Randall Barr on Vimeo.

Another beautiful video from my talented husband. As I said in my previous entry, we don't get much snow. Honestly, we like it that way! Winter has been more wintry than usual this year, treating us to three snow storms this season already. This one left 8-10 inches here in Oxford & actually stayed on the ground several days. The weanlings, Zorra & Cash had never seen anything like this. All the horseplay in this video was totally unprompted, natural play so was wonderful to get it on film. Features Foxy (deep red chestnut), Zorra (big black filly), Cash (black colt) & Sedona (smaller & pregnant chestnut with stripe). Cash & Sedona have since returned to Have-A-Heart rescue having rehabbed to better health with us. We miss them & hope to continue to follow them as they find new & permanent homes in the future.