Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wild Horses

The beautiful photography found on this blog is thanks to my talented husband who indulges me by photographing my horses almost any time I ask! Lucky for me he actually has quite a passion for it, as well as for digital videography. "Wild Horses" is, I think, another fabulous creation. To see more of his work, check out his site at http://www.bluedanephoto.com/. We shot this footage recently on a particularly cold morning. The girls were feeling great & really put on a show. Now, Kisia isn't really such a "bucker". Apparently this particular morning she was feeling the need to leap & kick! So, a nice show of her athleticism & exuberant nature. Foxy, a more introverted type, doesn't concern herself too much with showing off. But even she kicked up her heels a bit & graced us with a few rare strides of her outrageous trot! Tennessee Walkers are a naturally gaited breed. It's my understanding that many will only walk or gait. Foxy always tries to be a good girl & do what she's asked or trained to do. Her secret is that she is quite an athlete herself & capable not only of trotting & galloping but has at least once done a near perfect capriolle! If only I'd had a camera for that! She was trained very well as a young mare & is convinced that she should never let anyone see her trot. So for her to let loose at the trot is a real treat. Enjoy!

"Wild Horses" from Randall Barr on Vimeo.">

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Level 2 Online Passed

Recently received word that Kisia & I have passed the next step in our (ok, MY) goals for certification with the Parelli program. Shortly after her return home from training, we filmed our Online Level 2 audition. I imagine she is thrilled for her part. She doesn't have to do all that boring stuff she already knows how to do anymore! We're now working on Level 3 Online which is much more interesting to a 3 year old filly looking to get in some trouble! Foxy has joined us as well in the round pen as we begin playing at Liberty taking the fun to a new level. I'd like Foxy to be totally at ease with all the rope tossing & such prior to foaling to help her little Foxette see that it's all good fun. The weather & footing make much riding difficult. Completion of Level 2 is two-part. We've moved on to a higher level in the ground work portion (online & liberty) & continue to progress in the riding part (freestyle) as weather allows. For more info on the Parelli program, see http://www.parelli.com/.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kisia's passport has arrived!

Kisia's Documentos de Acompanamiento or Passports have finally arrived. She is now Inscribed in the studbook in Spain with LG-PRE-ANCCE. In other words, she is registered as PRE (Pura Raza Espanola) with Spain. Getting these documents has been a tedious journey. Between changes in the studbook, changes in the organizations responsible for the paperwork in this country, language issues (yep those are all from my end) & politics...well it was frustrating at times. So what a relief to have this done & these documents in hand! Next step is more paperwork & a trip to have her viewed by Spanish officials for revision (approval for breeding). She is also registered with our country's more user-friendly organization, IALHA. If after all this, anyone is interested in learning more about this historical & most fabulous breed check out IALHA's site http://www.ialha.org/, ANCCE at http://www.ancce.es/, or http://www.usprea.com/.

Friday, December 4, 2009


2009 has been an eventful year here. Early in the year, Kisia & I passed our Level 1 in PNH. Much thanks to Randy for doing such a great job filming & of course to Kisia who made it easy. Our sweet & beautiful Andalusian cross, Luisa, was sold to a perfect home in Alabama. I hear the entire family has fallen under her spell, children are enjoying her quiet & nurturing nature & best of all...she is now the "special one". No attention demanding young filly to take the spotlight!! (Can you say Kisia?) Sir Miles at 19 years old is again taking on the role of schoolmaster. He went out on lease to a Level 3 PNH student with the most melodic Australian accent! She is working on her Finesse & needing some guidance from a horse whose been there. Our treasured Foxy was bred to Herradura Andalusian's fabulous black stallion Chulo. Chulo is half brother to Kisia. Foxy's looking gorgeous & behaving of late as if I never feed her! Her foal will be black & undoubtedly, between those two parents, have a temperament of the the gold standard. Foxy is due late March 2010. Kisia spent just under 6 weeks at the trainer being started under saddle. She did very well & is now W/T/C. I begin to understand why it is common to wait later to start Andalusians under saddle compared to other breeds. Being so good natured with such a desire to please, it's just too easy to overdo with these guys. While she was super & I'm thrilled to have her riding...in hindsight I would have brought her home 2 weeks sooner. Once she "got it" she began to really go inside herself from the pressure. She lost her self-confidence as well as her enthusiasm when it comes to humans. No damage done though, after two weeks with her dear friend Foxy & some fun rides with myself, she is back to her old self. Overachiever often conflicted by her curiosity & sassy nature!