Friday, January 29, 2010

January Notes

It's raining & cold as of this writing. Foxy & Kisia are in their stalls & knowing those two are ready to go out regardless of the weather. While winter is still most definitely upon us here, I'm feeling spring around the corner. Foxy is looking more glorious every day. She's a "mother earth" look about her as she nears the end of her pregnancy. I've noticed some behaviors that are typically uncharacteristic for her....pinning her ears at Kisia, nipping at Kisia, generally being annoyed with Kisia. Of course none of this phases Kisia in the least. She must be the most persistent horse I've ever encountered & certainly won't be thrown off her path by a little face making or a bite that doesn't even break the skin! Foxy & I are heading to Olive Branch next week for her last appointment with our wonderful vet there. We've put the finishing touches on the "foaling paddock" recently. I'll move Foxy there in a couple of weeks. While it's been too muddy to ride, Kisia & I have worked on the uh-uh spots she developed while in training. I've also put the halter on her several times & mounted up bareback to slosh a bit in the mud. Bareback with only a halter on a green broke 3 year old?!? What's life without a risk here & there? At least the mud makes for a soft, if messy, landing.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter Gifts

Cold; pretty much sums up the start of 2010 as well as the end of last year. I have no memory of snow that doesn't melt by lunch time. Not only did we have a bit of snow but it's still out there several days after it fell. The ground is frozen. Ice that's been dumped from water buckets retains its shape. I've even nearly tripped over a perfectly preserved pile of rock hard frozen horse apples! Needless to say, doing much of anything with the horses isn't possible. Kisia & Foxy aren't bothered by the cold. They do have a bit more pep in their step in the mornings but overall seem to like the cold. They are both plush & wearing a goatee. I on the other hand am transformed every time I step out the door into the stay-puff woman. I hate the cold! & prior to horses entering my life did anything to avoid it. Well, I have no choice now. As mentioned in a previous post, Foxy is pregnant. She entered her last trimester on Dec 1st & is due to foal the end of March. Foxy isn't one to be super interested in people. She prefers to stand back & let Kisia be the princess of every one's attention. Not that she is fearful. She will tolerate being touched, petted, vetted & just about anything you ask of her. She just doesn't offer up contact too often. So when she stopped across from me one morning & gave me the one-eyed come over here look, I was curious to say the least. Not sure what she wanted, I scratched her withers & shoulders only to run my hand down her side to feel what must have been her foal doing back-flips that morning! As I turned to look at her laughing, she put her head on my shoulder. She gifted me with a beautiful moment as well as the knowledge that she doesn't just feel safe sharing her experience with me but that I've been invited to share it. If all goes well, I imagine her foal just might be as special as it’s precious mother.