Monday, April 12, 2010

New Filly!!!

Foxy foaled a beautiful black filly around 2am Friday morning. They have both had their post foaling vet visit & are doing well. We've named her Zorra, which means Fox in Spanish. Foxy's registered name is Strait Gold so Zorra is named after her "barn name" but in Spanish to honor her fabulous sire, Chulo. Zorra is very sweet & seems to have inherited her dam's tolerant while remaining slightly skeptical character. That said, there is a curiosity to her nature that must come from Chulo's more outgoing & friendly temperament. She has the long legs & nice bone that Chulo throws. Two hind white socks & feet from her dam line & I believe she has inherited her dam's natural gait. As of today, she is running around playing, performing some really fancy roll-backs & bouncing around her momma. So far no bucking or kicking out although maybe a bit ticklish on her rump which can trigger what I call her buckaroo move. If you get it right, although, she'll stand still for a nice scratch back there which is great for all involved parties. Lots of sleeping, eating & getting used to life as a princess. Aunt Kisia (Kisia & Chulo are siblings both out of Gitano MOR) is keeping watch next door & looking forward to joining Foxy & Zorra soon. Lots of pics to come of this sweet black beauty & much fun for us around here this Spring & Summer with our first foal to enjoy!

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