Monday, March 26, 2012

New video!

Randy & I recently attended this year's Parelli tour, "Horse & Soul" at Conyers, GA. We were only there for the 1st day. The video here was created by Randy to submit for their social media contest. A winner was chosen for best video & best photo. The winner would receive one of their new video courses. He certainly deserved to win in my not so humble opinion! Thanks to Randy for winning me the new Game of Contact course, which I've been thoroughly enjoying & hopefully Kisia will feel the same way soon!

Spring has arrived early here & we're taking full advantage of it! We recently completed a big fencing project to allow my Thoroughbred, Miles, a larger & grassier area to enjoy his retirement. This also means a smaller & less grassy area for the mares. This too is wonderful & may allow Kisia to spend more time with her friends this spring/summer rather than be relegated to the dry lot. My mares are all easy keepers with Kisia being an exceptionally easy keeper, so less is more for them when it comes to grass.

Kisia & I are playing with some of the concepts in Linda Parelli's Game of Contact. We also made a trip over to Cedar Winds for a lesson & came home with some more "Classical" training tips to add to our riding. Next month we will make the trip to our Repro vet to start watching for Kisia to be ready to breed. Hoping she'll prove easy to get in foal & handle the process with ease.

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