Sunday, September 16, 2012

Enjoying Fall!

I'm not sure if it's official yet but we've been loving the slightly cooler more fall like weather recently. We've completed an addition to our barn in the form of a very large run-in for the horses in the pasture around the barn to enjoy. At present the mares have access to this as Miles enjoys the larger & grassier pasture in the back. They thank us for building it by spending time under it several times a day. It's going to be particularly nice for me later this fall when it gets rainy meaning really good shelter for them & less barn clean-up for me!

Miles continues life as a retired man! The quintessential Thoroughbred, he is a hard keeper & can be hard to keep weight on during the winter months. So trying to get as much weight on him as possible... not much is possible but I try none the less. Zorra has continued her ground work in prep for riding next spring. She's very relaxed & seems to enjoy any attention. I'm pleased with her movement. She's extremely rhythmic in her gaits showing really good balance & athleticism. She does a lot but our main focus has been a few trot-canter transitions. She likes to play but does well with her short, fun sessions. Foxy has a friend who comes out every week or so to learn about riding from her. Kisia is gorgeous in pregnancy & not so sure about the changes in her body. Valencia now seems to be fully integrated into the herd of mares & gaining health after a rough transition to our hot, buggy climate from California. She's wonderfully friendly with a natural elegance & posture that must be seen to appreciate. She walks around as if she's on stage. I believe she's grown a couple of inches since arriving & is easily our tallest mare with Zorra just behind her in height. Kisia is the smallest but stands out with the biggest personality & extreme beauty seen in the picture posted here. Very much looking forward to her 1st foal next spring. Would love to see Kisia's beautiful face on that baby. Should be a beauty & a mover! Will certainly be plenty adored.

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