Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fluidity Dressage

For my Parelli friends out there...a few pics of my new saddle. The Fluidity Dressage Saddle. I was lucky to get a nice discount as this saddle was one of five already made & ready to ship. Thankfully one of the 5 was my size. These saddles are fundamentally different from others as they are designed to fit the horse's back in motion rather than standing still. As you can see here Kisia moves very freely & is quite comfortable in the fluidity. She also didn't fuss when girthed up, which was a welcome surprise. Was also pleased that the saddle didn't slip with her bucking or when mounting as she is of a round type & I don't girth tight! It's very posh & comfortable to sit. I was a little worried about the seat being slick. After years of riding a Wintec with equisuede which is pretty much like having velcro on your bum, I wondered if I would slip around on leather. So far I've felt very secure & really love this saddle.


  1. Alice,
    I found your blog through the Savvy Club site as I was looking for some opinions on the Parelli Dressage saddle. I'm a former "dressage queen" and as I move into Level 4, I'm starting to think about dressage again, and thus, the saddle. I currently have the Natural Performer, and greatly dislike it. One of the reasons is the place it puts my leg - way out in front! I'm wondering what you think about the position that the dressage model puts you in, and if the "classical" dressage seat (ear, shoulder, hip, heel) is easy to achieve, or does it dump you back on your "balance point"? Any input you could give would be great! Please feel free to email me at the address below.
    Thanks a ton,

  2. Hi Tina. So sorry for the delay in responding. Just saw your post here. Sending you an email right now!

  3. My response to Tina's question in case anyone is interested :)

    Hi Tina. So sorry for not responding to your post on my blog sooner. I imagine you may have already made a decision about a dressage saddle...but if not will share my opinion on the parelli dressage model. For me, I rode for years in the old version of the wintec pro dressage. While I loved that saddle, I did have trouble with my legs wanting to fall in a bit of an armchair type position. The parelli saddle made a huge difference in my position the first time I rode in it. Was finally easy to find that "classical" & much elusive correct dressage seat. It's totally different from riding in their natural performer which for sure sits you back. The leather is soft & luxurious...I just love their dressage saddle. My problem is that my mare's body has totally changed from age 3 (when I got the saddle & started riding her) to age 4 so it no longer fits her. It & the natural performer move up on her withers as soon as she trots big or canters. I've been procrastinating putting my saddle up for sale as I absolutely love it for myself. Will be working with a trainer to find something that stays in place. I've ridden 3 other horses all of different body types in my NP with no problem fitting it to them with shimming. I really think this mare is just an exception & the saddle would fit about any other horse. In short, the saddle is great & does put you in a proper dressage seat...not back on your pockets. Hope this helps & best of luck finding a new saddle!