Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sometimes making a plan works...

When I submitted my paperwork & DVD for my level 2 Online audition with Kisia we had one task yet to accomplish, jumping online. Every time I approached it, she just wasn't getting it & needed way more pushing at the time that she could tolerate. So, I listened to my horse & decided to hope everything else was good enough without that task. It's not like I'm interested in jumping anyway. Now that things are dry enough for some fun, we've really stepped up our online work progressing well into Level 3. She's had some tension with riding so my goal for that has been to be a quiet relaxing ride at the end of our more taxing online play. So after a few weeks of this, I placed a nice line of barrels in the round pen thinking we would just play around them. I set it up where she would have to see & think about them but didn't have to go over. The plan was working nicely..we made our way near them..she eyed them one good time & just popped over them!...couple trot strides she did a "bull fighting horse" turn on the hind end & popped over them the other direction...couple trot strides...& repeat! Now I did not ask for this. As a matter of fact I stood there stunned with images of trick riders standing on galloping horses, jumping through hoops of fire then jumping their bold mounts onto the backs of moving vehicles! Surely I'm not enough woman for this much horse!?! How could this happen? She not only took those barrels from near standing still like they were the smallest anthill but did it 3 times! of her own choice! OK, she didn't see my moment of fear...we continued our play...WELL away from the trouble causing barrels. Bareback pad & bridle on...move to the mounting block & it happened. My fire breathing stunt horse turned into a sweet quiet backyard filly. Our ride was relaxed but forward & she did everything I asked without the least bit of tension. Appears the famous Andalusian ON/OFF switch is thus far intact...whew.
*jumping pics coming soon*

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