Sunday, May 9, 2010

Slideshow of Kisia riding & notes on Freestyle riding

Was a beautiful day to be outside doing just about anything. We got some nice video footage of Zorra at play. Watch for her "introduction" in video here soon. Kisia got played with a couple days prior to riding then a ride after about a 6 week break. I've removed the reins from her headstall to force myself to really give Freestlye riding a good shot. After years of dressage & riding a dressage trained horse (Miles), giving up my upright seat & contact with the bit has proved to be challenging. Doesn't help that Kisia rides beautifully with contact, but like Miles, seems to depend on that to do her thinking. SO, she's carrying the bit now & being ridden in rope halter & lead rope. My goal at this point is to get her to 1. go where I point her & 2. maintain the gait I've asked for. Goal for myself...not micromanage her every move.

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