Monday, May 3, 2010

Foals are fun!

An update on the gang here. I could use the weather the last couple of weekends as a perfectly good excuss to not ride & spend time with my Kisia but the truth is that I'm just constantly drawn into to hanging in the foal paddock with Zorra & Foxy. I go out to check on them with the intention of then heading over to get Kisia & an hour later I'm still there! So what does one do with a 3 week old filly? So far, lots of Parelli game #1, Friendly game, getting her comfortable being touched. We're also working on picking up her feet which is going really well...she's much like her mother...a real no fuss type. She doesn't over-react to new things & once she sees your purpose..well no problem! She tolerates having her ears, face & belly handled, is unphased by fly spray & is even yielding to pressure from her chest, face & shoulders. One of the reasons it's so hard to leave is that she loves to "hang out". She will follow me around & if I head to the gate, pretty soon she's trotting up behind me. Obviously this is irrestable. So yes it takes several tries on my part before I actually make it out of the pasture. Then if she winnies! really how can I not go back over for one more scratch? She's adorable, sweet & turning more beautiful every day. Video coming soon!

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