Monday, July 19, 2010


Often when viewing educational materials, there's so much information I just don't get it all. Then again, I believe some knowledge comes when your ready for it. I've found this to be the case with much of my Parelli materials. I may watch a video or read some material to find just the answer I've been needing even though I've seen/read the material previously. I refer to this as finding a nugget. Sounds silly but in my mind I see these bits of knowlede as Golden Nuggets of Knowledge. So will post these as discovered. Kisia & I are playing at level 3 online. Kisia is a medium spirited LBE (left brain extravert). She's usually pretty equal on go & whoa depending on the day. Cantering online she doesn't always pick up the correct lead & prefers to only go a few strides before breaking gait. While viewing the new level 3 online dvd, Pat described "leading" the front end when asking for the canter. I've been going through the phases of pointing, support with stick, kiss, hit ground with stick & string... So, rather than go through all that, I simply lead the front end & the most fabulous thing happened. My filly picked up the correct lead, did not swish her tail at me & offered the most quiet canter depart one would want. Obviously I deserved those tail swishes....she must have been wondering if I would ever get the fact that she doesn't need baby talk at level 3!! Thanks for another golden nugget Pat! More to come as discovered.

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  1. What a great discovery! Good for you and your horse.
    Keep up the good play...

    Petra Christensen
    1Star Parelli Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central