Saturday, July 31, 2010

Too hot to trot....walk...ride...anything!

They say the heat index this weekend is around 105 in our area. It's been hard to imagine that I used to guzzle gatoraid till I was about to pop, ice down my big, white, heat-tolerant thoroughbred & ride on days like this. For the last couple of months, after feeding everyone, I've been riding Kisia in the mornings. So the last two mornings I imagine she was anticipating a ride. Kisia really tries to be a good girl & learned early that making ugly faces didn't sit well with me. But, she can't totally control that fun & naughty nature. So as I've walked by her stall, just as I pass her, she's pinning her ears at me. Yeah, just like a kid sticking their tongue out behind your back. This morning I thought, I really should at least play with her online & deal with that attitude. Then thought...."Hell (pun intended as it is that hot), I feel the same way about riding in this heat!" So she got her mane braided....snoozed in the fan the whole time...we both felt better ;) Pic here of Sir Miles who may be bothered by a lot...but never the heat! He'll be returning home to Oxford in the coming weeks. Thanks for the fun hot rides big guy!

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