Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall update!

Lots going on here in recent weeks so an update is due. Sir Miles, while still on lease in TN, has moved to a new farm &, from what I hear, is in the lap of luxury. He has moved to a beautiful farm where he has 100 or so acres of softly rolling hills to enjoy. Pastured with a younger gelding buddy, he is now with a mother & daughter. Mother is a dressage trainer & instructor. Daughter is a teen & advanced eventing rider in need of a schoolmaster type to help her move forward in her dressage. Miles fit the bill & so far is charming them with his talent & fun personality. Looking forward to pics & updates on how they are all getting along!

You may have noticed from the pics here that Kisia is a bit of an easy keeper. She's been dieting for the past couple of months. Her quick weight gain this spring caused some saddle fit issues we've been working through. Will be trying a new shim pattern with her pad/saddle soon that should help to fit her rounder shoulders & short, broad back. Hoping it will keep her saddle from slipping forward.

Foxy & Zorra are still on "mom & baby duty." They both look great & hold every one's heart strings around here for sure. Herradura Andalusians (breeder of our Kisia & Zorra's sire Chulo) will be showing Zorra's sire Chulo at the up & coming IALHA show in the Spanish/Portuguese Senior Stallion class & will hopefully leave with his 2nd National Championship Title. He was recently sold & will be heading out to his new home soon. Can't say enough about how happy we've been with Zorra & just feel lucky all around to have had the opportunity to breed to that amazing stallion.

And probably our biggest news of the moment is the recent arrival of our newest residents. Two fosters from "Have a Heart" horse rescue arrived this weekend. A really sweet & friendly chestnut mare & her lovely black colt. These two were part of the much followed Leake county horse rescue. They will foster here with us a while to basically fatten up & be pampered a bit....ok probably more than a bit. We're thrilled to have them & are certainly blessed to be able to help out. I'm calling the mom Sedona after the stunning red rock formations we recently saw in Arizona & the colt Cash after "the man in black". Much more of their story to follow in coming posts. Picture here is Zorra's view of Sedona & little Cash settling in on their first day with us.

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  1. During the current economic crises lots of horses and other four-legged creatures are in dear need of support. Thank you so much for providing a loving foster home for Sedona and Cash!

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Trainee Instructor
    Parelli Central