Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Story of Two Rescues

The picture above was taken shortly after a herd of 18 stallions, mares (most pregnant) & foals were rescued from a neglect situation. This particular rescue has captured the hearts of many in this area. They have a huge following on facebook as well as regular updates on their status at their website here http://web.me.com/stephb0213/Site/Leake_County_Horses.html. It's admittedly a time of hardship for many these days. Even so, it's difficult to imagine allowing something like this to happen to a herd of what was surely once the pride of someone. It's my understanding that this herd contains Appaloosas, Paints & Quarter Horses. The herd was moved to Have-A-Heart rescue where they have been receiving care. A handful were recently deemed healthy enough to be sent to foster homes or adopted by someone willing to continue to rehab them back to good health. There are still many too sick or thin to leave the rescue yet, although they improve daily. When we went to pick up Sedona (yes that pitiful chestnut above is her) & her colt, Cash, I saw first-hand the poor, albeit improved, state of many of these guys. I've only ever seen horses with bones protruding in malnutrition in pictures. Sedona & Cash look much better now, although they still have a long way to go. I can say that they feel good. I observed Sedona (bony with her big pregnant belly) jump from a stand-still across a 4 foot across little creek in our front pasture. I'm betting she's gonna be a super athlete. Cash too, is cantering around to catch up with his mom & keeps sneaking over to visit with my herd at the fence they share, despite Sedona's protests. Donations to assist in the care of the Leake County herd can be made online at the above link. Follow Sedona & Cash's story here with us & follow the Leake County Herd's progress at the link above. They are sure to make you sad but will also hopefully inspire us to treasure what we have without ever forgetting the responsibility we all have as care-takers of horses or any other animal we breed or otherwise bring into our lives. Photo above taken by Taylor Kuykendal. Thanks to "mississippihorses" for allowing me to share it here.

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