Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer update

We've had another very hot summer which has impacted much of our outdoor activities here. We have, although, the last week had a small drop in temps so I've been able to spend some time playing with Kisia & Zorra. Kisia & I are gearing up to return to the Parelli Campus in FL to attend a Flex-track course. With the recent announcement that the FL campus is closing, I'm feeling lucky to get to attend one of the last courses offered at that magical place & plan to get as much out of it as possible. We'll see if Kisia has the same opinion! She has been playing at level 3 online with us focusing on a final few tasks at that level. We're very close to being ready to film our level 3 online audition which is pretty cool. As far as riding, she is just great! We aren't quite "there" riding on a freestyle rein. She does better with a shorter rein at this point & hoping we'll get some pointers on this in FL. My husband has ridden her several times now on our little trail rides. Let me say here that prior to this he has been a self-proclaimed "trot hater" with no interest in riding a trot. He was a "gaited or I'm not going" type. It's pretty clear that Kisia with her sensitivity, comfortable gaits & equal go & whoa just may be his favorite mount....who knew!?!? Zorra & I spend our time working on being friendly, respectful, taking walks & playing with obstacles including the horse trailer. She's ended up being a low spirit LBE according to her horsenality report. That's a separate blog in itself but suffice it to say I was surprised. Knowing that although, has helped me to be more interesting to her. She's progressed quite quickly with the little games we play. Foxy has had a few rides from family & myself. And, Miles is actually looking good having gained a good deal of weight. He's a hard-keeper on a good day & has been challenging to get weight on. I think he's looking good enough for some pics so when cooler with get out there & allow him to be his dramatic self for some shots. We also have a new barn kitten we named Margarita.....she's into everything & knows no fear so quickly got the nickname Rita Skeeter. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you know she is a busy body into every one's business but her own! Pic of little Rita here.

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