Friday, August 26, 2011

Nothing beats fast & right!

To help prepare for a course in FL at the Parelli center this fall, I've been viewing some of my levels videos. While watching the level 4 finess video (for the 1st time) at one point Pat says another one of his well-used quotes...."slow & right beats fast & wrong" but goes on to say something like but nothing beats fast & right or maybe was fast & right is the best! I thought at the time....hmm, that's true...can't wait to be at that point.

This morning I was worming my herd. Miles has always been something of a terror to worm...but since my discovery of approach & retreat, he's actually much better. Took plenty of time with him....he got his medicine down. Foxy was next, if she could speak she might say something like this about worming....."I'll stand here & take it because that's who I am....but if your asking then, No thanks! So again, took my time with approach & retreat until her lips relaxed then......down her medicine went. Zorra, who's not had much issue with worming thought today that it smelled funny & just wasn't again more approach & retreat till she willingly accepted the funny smelling stuff. Enter Kisia's stall (with slow & right on my mind)who is standing at the door, ears perked & 2 eyes all on me...allow her to smell it..she tries to eat it, touch her with the tube....she tries to eat it, touch her lips with it...she tries to eat it then... Shazam! I realize she's yelling at me...."give it to me! I want that stuff! What's taking you so long!" I've literally spent years preparing this mare to accept all the strange things humans do around horses.....she doesn't need slow & right......she wants fast & right! So I held the tube up....she took it...& believe've never seen a tube of wormer exit a horses mouth that clean. Then she looked at me as if to say "What next?". Yep, your right Pat....nothing beats fast & right!

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