Sunday, September 25, 2011

Heading to Florida!

Kisia & I are soon to be on our way to FL to attend a 2 week course at the Parelli Center. I'm obviously excited to get to do this but especially pleased to get the attend one of the last courses that will be held at that beautiful horse heaven. It's my understanding that the FL campus has been sold meaning that future offerings will only be at the CO campus. I'll post some blogs along the way about what we're up to down there. In prep for our trip, rather than worry about what Kisia & I can do as far as our skills....of late I've been focusing on helping her to build confidence for the long trailer ride. Kisia is always more than happy to load up & down but has trouble staying in the trailer & gets worried when all the doors are shut. We've only taken short day trips (outside her long trip here from TX as a weanling). Each time we arrived at our destination, she would get off the trailer sweaty, apparently having worried that whole trip. I've tried spending longer periods of time in the trailer which wasn't making a difference. As soon as the butt bar or back gait went up, her stress was clear. As these things go, I had a moment of brilliance walking by the trailer one day & thought....wonder how she'd do if I left her in there with a buddy. Foxy is quiet & experienced in the trailer so loaded her up....loaded Kisia up who immediately started much hay (a first in the trailer)...butt bars up....back gait closed....two mares hanging out munching hay....YES! I made a program of this, leaving them on together about 30 minutes several mornings, then just Kisia. The 1st time she went on by herself, she had a few moments of tension (biting the chest bar & little pawing). Then she settled in & started eating. 2nd round of this no tension, just hanging out eating. I believe that she was unable to find relaxation at all in the trailer & having her lead mare be relaxed allowed her to chill. She was then able to go there on her own. Long trip ahead of us & hoping for as relaxed a ride for her as possible.

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