Friday, December 4, 2009


2009 has been an eventful year here. Early in the year, Kisia & I passed our Level 1 in PNH. Much thanks to Randy for doing such a great job filming & of course to Kisia who made it easy. Our sweet & beautiful Andalusian cross, Luisa, was sold to a perfect home in Alabama. I hear the entire family has fallen under her spell, children are enjoying her quiet & nurturing nature & best of all...she is now the "special one". No attention demanding young filly to take the spotlight!! (Can you say Kisia?) Sir Miles at 19 years old is again taking on the role of schoolmaster. He went out on lease to a Level 3 PNH student with the most melodic Australian accent! She is working on her Finesse & needing some guidance from a horse whose been there. Our treasured Foxy was bred to Herradura Andalusian's fabulous black stallion Chulo. Chulo is half brother to Kisia. Foxy's looking gorgeous & behaving of late as if I never feed her! Her foal will be black & undoubtedly, between those two parents, have a temperament of the the gold standard. Foxy is due late March 2010. Kisia spent just under 6 weeks at the trainer being started under saddle. She did very well & is now W/T/C. I begin to understand why it is common to wait later to start Andalusians under saddle compared to other breeds. Being so good natured with such a desire to please, it's just too easy to overdo with these guys. While she was super & I'm thrilled to have her hindsight I would have brought her home 2 weeks sooner. Once she "got it" she began to really go inside herself from the pressure. She lost her self-confidence as well as her enthusiasm when it comes to humans. No damage done though, after two weeks with her dear friend Foxy & some fun rides with myself, she is back to her old self. Overachiever often conflicted by her curiosity & sassy nature!


  1. Hi Alice! I'm a friend of Lynn and Justin in Alabama and I wanted to write to you about beautiful bay Luisa. I've been riding and working with her for a few weeks now and I'd really like to learn more about her. I have lots of questions along the usual lines...i.e. did you train her yourself, how far her training has gone. It seems like she's got a classical dressage foundation, but I'd just love more info regarding her schooling and personality in general. Anyway, there must be a better forum for this exchange! Email maybe?

  2. Elix, just saw this. Email me at Can't wait to hear from you!!