Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wild Horses

The beautiful photography found on this blog is thanks to my talented husband who indulges me by photographing my horses almost any time I ask! Lucky for me he actually has quite a passion for it, as well as for digital videography. "Wild Horses" is, I think, another fabulous creation. To see more of his work, check out his site at http://www.bluedanephoto.com/. We shot this footage recently on a particularly cold morning. The girls were feeling great & really put on a show. Now, Kisia isn't really such a "bucker". Apparently this particular morning she was feeling the need to leap & kick! So, a nice show of her athleticism & exuberant nature. Foxy, a more introverted type, doesn't concern herself too much with showing off. But even she kicked up her heels a bit & graced us with a few rare strides of her outrageous trot! Tennessee Walkers are a naturally gaited breed. It's my understanding that many will only walk or gait. Foxy always tries to be a good girl & do what she's asked or trained to do. Her secret is that she is quite an athlete herself & capable not only of trotting & galloping but has at least once done a near perfect capriolle! If only I'd had a camera for that! She was trained very well as a young mare & is convinced that she should never let anyone see her trot. So for her to let loose at the trot is a real treat. Enjoy!

"Wild Horses" from Randall Barr on Vimeo.">

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