Thursday, December 17, 2009

Level 2 Online Passed

Recently received word that Kisia & I have passed the next step in our (ok, MY) goals for certification with the Parelli program. Shortly after her return home from training, we filmed our Online Level 2 audition. I imagine she is thrilled for her part. She doesn't have to do all that boring stuff she already knows how to do anymore! We're now working on Level 3 Online which is much more interesting to a 3 year old filly looking to get in some trouble! Foxy has joined us as well in the round pen as we begin playing at Liberty taking the fun to a new level. I'd like Foxy to be totally at ease with all the rope tossing & such prior to foaling to help her little Foxette see that it's all good fun. The weather & footing make much riding difficult. Completion of Level 2 is two-part. We've moved on to a higher level in the ground work portion (online & liberty) & continue to progress in the riding part (freestyle) as weather allows. For more info on the Parelli program, see

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