Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cash N Zorra video & update

Cash n Zorra from Randall Barr on Vimeo.

Video here is Cash & Zorra getting some hands-on time after breakfast. Zorra is totally weaned now. Cash is still able to nurse through the fence as his mom allows which is becoming less & less. Since I wasn't sure of his age, I wanted to make weaning very slow & easy on him. My big, sweet Zorra at 6 months was independent & ready! As seen here, Cash is a total love-bug. He seeks out attention & is very calm about new things. Sedona got her first natural trim last week. Her feet look pretty good but after who knows how long of inattention will take some time to get into their best shape. Nothing that can't grow or heal though. She is looking fabulous with no more visible bones protruding. With the added weight she doesn't look quite so far along in her pregnancy but still has a belly that indicates she must be pregnant. Sedona & Cash are very much beginner friendly types, small but quick & athletic. Sedona is about 14.1 hands & a nice build even while still too thin. They have nice confirmation & will be wonderful partners for someone. Kisia is enjoying her break to heal an "over-extended" tendon. No heat but slightly off when moving to the right or under-saddle so should be good-to-go when I'm back from my trip to FL at the end of November.

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  1. Great video, thank you for sharing!

    Petra Christensen
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