Monday, November 15, 2010

News from Florida!

So I'm writing this from Ocala, FL where I am taking a 2 week course at the Parelli Center. I'm thinking some short blogs on the goings on here are in order. My course started yesterday with a half day including orientation, a classroom lesson, then a game with my horse called me & my shadow. In between all that we did a simulation. Yes, the conga horse. The first time I saw this on video I was horrified of the idea of acting like a horse with 4 other people. Now it's my opinion that most people enjoy this type of learning. For me it's for sure out of my comfort zone & well into the learning zone. You basically take turns (4 people involved here) being the human, horse head, horse middle & horse hind end. I was of course a very good & obedient the human my horse was a nut who totally ran all over the hind end of an opinionated horse I got beat up with a mean noodle (1-2 foot foam tube/stick). Learned that if you pick on the hind end too much it avoids you like the plague, RBI's made really nice conga horse heads ;) & even with humans, one must adjust how you handle the "horse" depending on the individual & horsenality. Good stuff! More to come....


  1. Went by Sunday and took care of your "fertilizer overload". Zorra and Cash were very curious. Z got a rub and C got a scratch from Aunt Lisa. Have fun and learn a lot!

  2. Thanks so much Lisa! Your garden is gonna be fabulous next year! Glad to hear the babies were friendly & not too sad about me being gone ;)