Thursday, November 18, 2010

Learning to take home

Day five into Level 2 Breakthrough at the Parelli Center. This week our focus has been online play & getting ready to ride. My first day was pretty rough. Looking back, that day was a floodlight on "my problem". One of the hallmarks of this program is the Horsenality Model. Similar the the Meyers-Briggs formula, horsenality assigns horses to either Right Brained (RB) or Left Brained (LB) then Extrovert (Ext) or Introvert (Int). I always got on pretty well or at least better than anyone else to that point with a very RB Miles. Foxy, a mild but still innate RB mare & I seem to absolutely "get" each other. And well, everyone gets along with Kisia....right? My very sweet Right Brained Introvert lease mare, Faith, has helped me to see how rude, bossy & intolerant I am with my own easy going & very LB Kisia. Hoping this will be a breakthrough in my relationship with Kisia & looking forward to applying this huge lesson to our time together. Had some really nice demos yesterday with our main course instructor Kathy Baar in which I took some notes that will be worth reading over & over. Will share those notes later here. We also got news that our class will be allowed to audit Linda Parelli's course this weekend on The game of contact. Talk about a sweet perk to the timing of being here just now!

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  1. Great blog post, Alice! Congratulations on being able to attend the Game of Contact course, what a great opportunity...

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central